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Simplicity is Beauty

"All i know is that i know nothing" -Socrates


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some of my favorite people :)

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Jack Nicholson &amp; Sean Penn smoking together


Jack Nicholson & Sean Penn smoking together

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see through you like a glass slipper shoe

see through you like a glass slipper shoe

please, speak your lies

they say “Trust no man, Fear no bitch”

but then who is left for us to love? 

is there love without trust?

i’ve always said no as my answer to that god forsaken question

but is that the only answer?

do i speak the truth


am I an accidental liar

teach me, I beg you 

are you a teacher 

because i’m a good learner

a lover and a leader.

I am someone to teach if you were wondering if i’m worth your time

but if it’s too much trouble 

then just push it aside

go on with your day

but remember that 

if we were to play a game of hide and seek then you’d 

be the one doing the hiding. you are Polo as I become Marco

you’re the boo to my peek-a

and the silent mind and mouth that will never grow

without teaching you can never be taught

just like without listening you…well we, could never speak

it begins with the teacher…


fuck that, it begins with the question

which is born in the mind of the student.

the student is the teacher

you learn, study, understand, turn it inside out so that you make sure not to miss any part of the answer


the best gift you can give to the world 

is the truth

and the truth is, is that no question has the answer.

there are no facts because if just one person disagrees then it becomes an opinion

or in the words of some: a lie.

therefore, go off into the world and teach all the lies you can

because they’re as close to the truth than you’re ever going to get.

if someone proves your words to be false

then be willing to bend, break, shatter and destroy them

be willing to alter your truths…

or your lies..

whatever you want to call them at this point.

after all is said and now that i’ve confused the living shit out of you

i have only one thing left to say.

speak without the fear of being proven wrong, and if you are-

don’t be afraid to learn and then


-Melissa Gudvangen